A Distant Signal

Rail Photography
by Judd Spittler

About Judd Spittler

Although Judd has always been interested in trains, he didnít become a true rail enthusiast until the summer of 2001, when Microsoft Train Simulator was released.  In a very short time, Judd developed a respectable technical background related to locomotive operation, dispatching and the railroad industry in general.  It was also about this time that he bought his first digital camera, re-igniting an interest in photography that he has held, on and off, for most of his life.

Juddís interest in railroading and rail photography has been heightened, no doubt, by his proximity to Southern Californiaís legendary Cajon Pass, 30 minutes from his Upland home.  Many of the pictures presented on this site were taken at Cajon Pass, or other areas nearby.

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Heat waves from the diesel exhaust confirm that these locomotives are working hard.


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