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Welcome to the JuddSpittler.com "Friend & Family" link page, your guide to Spittler friend and family web presence.  Listed below are the top Spittler friend and family links.  These links have all been personally reviewed by the JuddSpittler.com editorial staff, and found appropriate for most Spittler friend and family members.

Friend & Family Photo Albums:  A gallery created to provide friends and family members a place to showcase their photos on the web.

A Cup of Wisdom...Writing Life Stories:  A Book in Progress, by Connie Spittler.  Everyone Wants To Write. Women everywhere talk about wanting to write. They have stories to tell, but haven't moved to pick up a pencil and begin. This book is about beginnings.

Little Voices:  A Novel by Michael Sterba.  Little Voices provides a compelling, almost heroic view of child abuse from the perspective of Father David Cooper, an abused child turned Catholic priest.

Come fly with me in a DC-3:  Robert Spittler's Collection of DC-3 Screenshots.  Come fly with me, let's fly let's fly away, If you can use some exotic booze, There's a bar in far Bombay



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