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Product offerings from Spittler Engineering are now available directly from our website.  We also provide notes and bug fixes for our products, as required.  Since bugs and other issues are often first found by end-users, we are interested in hearing from you regarding any issues you may have discovered.

Product Downloads:


"Real Track", BNSF-type Track and Ballast Replacement:  The “Real Track” package provides a realistic replacement for the track textures used in the Marias Pass route. MIP mapping issues have been addressed using a novel approach, greatly reducing moiré problems.

Release date: 08/14/03  -  File size: 1462 KB

Download rtrack.zip


"CNW 4701": A GP38-2 Based on the Default MSTS Shape Files:  A re-texture of the default GP38-2. This locomotive has seen a lot of hard service, and the weathering shows it.  The texturing is so detailed that you will be surprised it is based the default model.  (Compromises were made to the CNW paintjob, in order to accommodate limitations in the model.)

Release date: 08/14/03  -  File size: 3557 KB

Download cnw4701.zip


Bonus Offering:  Spittler Engineering CNW 4701 Full-Page Magazine Ad:  Spittler Engineering has never published a magazine ad, but if we did, this is what it would look like.  This full-page PDF file is suitable for framing.  Check it out.

Release date: 08/14/03  -  File size: 1275 KB

Download cnw4701.pdf


"Real Pines", Marias Pass Fir Tree Replacements:  The “Real Pines” package provides a realistic replacement for the conifer textures used in the Marias Pass route. It updates textures for many different tree objects, including “tree groups”. The files are the same size as the originals, so no frame rate issues are anticipated.

Release date: 04/26/02  -  File size: 742 KB

Download rpines.zip


"Real Grass",  Marias Pass Grass Replacement:  Provides a more realistic replacement for the US2Grass.ace “grass” texture used in the Marias Pass route.  Also, includes "transition" texture files. It may also be used to replace other, similar textures, or by route developers creating new routes. This file is the same size as the original, so no frame rate issues are anticipated.

Release date: 04/07/02  -  File size: 1.2 MB

Download rgrass.zip


"BNSF 2098", Replacement Textures for the Default GP38-2:  Extensively detailed redesign of default BNSF GP38-2, including many innovative .eng file changes. Incorporates a number of features such as: resized windows, dirt and wiper marks on windows, realistically darkened interior, redesigned trucks and wheels, reflective effects on wheels, hand railings, etc.  Be sure to also download the replacement .eng files below.

Release date: 11/06/01  -  File size: 4.5 MB

Download 2098.zip


Replacement .eng files for "BNSF 2098":  These replacement .eng files fix the problem of disappearing lights in complex activities when "BNSF 2098" is used. It does this by reducing the number of lights defined for the locomotive. It requires that 2098.ZIP be already installed.

Release date: 01/08/02  -  File size: 94 KB

Download 2098ev2a.zip



Bugs & Issues:

Signal and Locomotive Lights Don't Work in Certain Activities With BNSF 2098.

Microsoft® Train Simulator has a limit related to the total number of "lights" which can be defined for the locomotives and cars used within an activity.  When this limit is exceeded, most lights in the simulation (including signal lights) go dark.  The original BNSF 2098 has a large number of lights defined, mainly to create the illusion of reflected light on the wheels, hand railings, etc.  Because of this high light count, BNSF 2098 can be considered the cause of the problem, when it occurs in activities which use this locomotive.

Spittler Engineering has developed alternate ".eng" files which reduce the number of light elements by more than half.  It does this by removing a number of "reflections", including all the wheel reflections.  This should greatly reduce the chances of this lighting limit being exceeded during an activity.  The zip file linked to below includes two ".eng" files.  One is intended for use when BNSF 2098 is installed as the default GP38-2, while the other is for use when BNSF 2098 was installed as a "non-default" locomotive.  Both of the ".eng" files are for the "constant" ditch light case only.

The replacement .eng files can be found above, in the product download section.


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