A Distant Signal

Rail Photography
by Judd Spittler

Links & References

A collection of references and other links related to photography and railroading is included here.  Visitors who enjoyed “A Distant Signal” will likely also appreciate material from among the selections presented below.  The choices include the purely aesthetic, such as the rail photography galleries of other rail photographers, as well as sites and references of interest to those interested in creating their own photographs.  Also listed are a number of references related to railroading in general.  Included are a number of links related to the technical aspects of railroading.

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Other Rail


Don Winslow Photography

Don Winslow specializes in desert railroad photography, but also has sections on other topics, such as ghost towns and fire equipment.

Somewhere West of Denver

Chuck Donaldson focuses on western railroad photography.  His site includes both mountain and desert rail photography.

Bay Area Railroading

Michael Johannessen and the others at Bay Area Railroading specialize on railroad images taken within the San Francisco Bay Area.



Learning to See Creatively
by Bryan F. Peterson

This is an excellent book describing how to compose truly creative photographs.  Peterson describes various technical aspects of photography which contribute to a creative image.  The best part of the book is most certainly the photographs themselves.  His approach is to show both a "normal" photo of a subject and a very creative one.  This book is truly inspirational.

Grumpy's Photo Guide

James Gilley created this site as a guide for rail photographers.  The site includes a great deal of technical information and some interesting equipment reviews.

Steve's Digicams

Steve's is an excellent resource for anything related to digital cameras.  The site includes equipment reviews, product news and also has a large collection of forums dealing with everything from specialty equipment to photographic techniques.

Railroad &

Other Links:

The Railroad:
What It Is, What It Does
by John H. Armstrong

This book is a must for anyone who want to get a broad background on railroads.  It provides an overview of all aspects of railroad operations, and is used as a textbook in many community college programs for railroad career training.  It covers everything from track design to intermodal traffic.


This site is an amazing source of books related to railroading.  TransAlert.com is the retail arm of Simmons-Boardman Books, Inc., a publisher of books marketed to various transportation industries. The site is primarily oriented toward industry professionals, but covers the full spectrum, including even children's books about trains.

Altamont Press

Altamont Press publishes a number of resources for the serious rail enthusiast, such as timetables (organized by region), railroad atlases and even a few railroad yard maps.  The site also has a railroad news section which is updated daily.

The Cajon Pass Group

This site provides a great deal of valuable information for those interested in Cajon Pass, especially those planning on a visit.  The most valuable sections are the "Railfanning Guide" and the "Cajon Mailing List" (forum).

BNSF Timetable & Rules

BNSF's site is an excellent source of PDF documents on various areas of railroad operation. Documents include timetables (which are the rules governing a specified section of track), and rules related to dispatching, air-brake use, and locomotive operations.

Orange Empire Railway Museum

Website for the OERM, a large railroad museum in Perris, CA.  The museum features running equipment and rides on both conventional railroad equipment and urban trolleys.


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