A Distant Signal

Rail Photography
by Judd Spittler

Public Exhibits & Showings

Public showings provide the opportunity to view the photographs of "A Distant Signal"  up close, in a relaxed and comfortable gallery environment.  In addition, special "wine and cheese" events, when scheduled,  allow the opportunity to discuss the works with others and with the photographer, Judd Spittler, himself.

Other special event types include the "Single Malt Scotch and Cigar" showings, which provide a metaphorical connection to the fuel consuming, smoke producing locomotives.

The "Beer and Pretzel" exhibits are intended as a way to introduce the art form of rail photography to those members of the community that don't often visit photo exhibits, including men and women currently working in the railroad industry itself.  Here, the discussion topics among the guests are as likely to center on proper dynamic braking techniques as on the exposure and composition of the photographs on display.

"Rail Fan Showings" also include refreshments (typically whatever is on sale) and the nature of the showings often has its own unique character.   A beautiful photograph of a silhouetted locomotive is likely to result in a lengthy debate as to the exact locomotive unit in the shot, as well as a discussion of the various liveries that particular unit has had in the past.

-- No public showings are currently scheduled --

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A day's final rays highlight the details of an empty coal train near Summit.


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